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Hemp Baby Carriers

Strong for the world, soft for baby.

Strength & Softness

From soaps to ropes, hemp has made its way into our homes. Now you can carry your kids with it too.

Why Hemp?

• Plant-based fabric made from one of earth’s strongest natural fabrics.

• Efficient CO2 to biomass conductors available and acts as a contributor to biodiversity.

• Gets softer with each wear and wash

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Luxurious Softness, Luxe Textiles

55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton, and 100% Cosy:

• Hemp mixed with organic cotton - the cosy level is unmatched

• The more you wash and wear, the softer it gets

• Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter

Get Your Cosy On

Support for you, support for your little ones.

Mother Earth’s strongest fibers for the world’s best parents.

• Hemp’s long fiber length gives it extra strength

• Hemp is durable making it a great material for carrying precious cargo

• Hemp’s elastic recovery is minimal, meaning it stretches less than any other natural fiber

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  • Hemp Explore Baby Carrier

    "I can easily say that it is the best soft structured baby carrier that I have ever used. I LOVE this carrier."

  • Hemp Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier

    "I love that my baby is able to snuggle so close to me and is so cuddly that he falls asleep almost instantly when I put him in it."

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More on Hemp

Is Hemp safe for my baby?

Yes! The Hemp fabric used to make these carriers has been specially sourced to be buttery soft and gentle on babies' skin. The natural fibers make for a strong, soft baby carrier. Although Hemp fabric is made from the cannabis plant, there are no risks to using the fabric. All our fabrics undergo the same rigorous testing to both our own internal and globally recognized child safety

Help me decide: Hemp or Linen?

It will come down to personal preference.

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Is this part of the Signature Collection

No. Though the carriers are made from a woven blend, the Hemp Collection was created to be widely available for parents looking for natural, plant-based babywearing options.

The Tula Signature Collection features carriers made in collaboration with textile artists and weavers. The pieces in the Signature collection are often one-of-a-kind.

What is Signature?

Help me decide: Explore or Free-To-Grow?

Help me decide: Explore or Free-To-Grow?

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Hemp/Cotton Blend Baby Carrier

The hemp blend woven carrier is made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton to produce a soft, breathable and durable baby carrier that’s also machine washable. Hemp’s long fibers make it a naturally strong material that will stand the test of time. Long days of wearing your baby are easy and comfortable with this carrier that’s always ready for baby’s next nap or your next adventure.  

Shop the collection of hemp baby carriers now and find a carrier that’s not only totally functional but also looks great. Tula is known for offering a wide selection of fun and fashionable patterns. Whether you’re into bold colours and <a href=””>patterns</a> or prefer more subtle, softer shades and designs, a carrier that will perfectly compliment your personal style is waiting! Shop today and get ready to discover just how amazing babywearing can be.