Tula Baby Carrier Instructions

Learn how to use Tula baby carriers.

From newborn to toddler, front carry to back carry, we'll show you the easy way to babywear.

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The Explore baby carrier is Baby Tula's all-in-one baby carrier. 


Instructions: Front Carry, Baby Facing Out

 Watch the quick guide here


Instructions: Front Carry, Baby Facing In 


 Position Guide: Back Carry 



With the Free-To-Grow carrier you can wear your baby in front or back. Learn how to to adjust the Free-To-Grow carrier for optimal comfort in both positions.

Ring Sling

Tula Signature Ring Slings are woven to be soft, durable and ready to go. Learn how to thread and adjust the rings first, then learn how to wear in the tummy to tummy position or hip carry in the video instructions below.

Infant Insert

Tula Mini

Tula Mini Instructions

1. Before use: Instruct and practice the safe opening and closing of the waist belt buckles with your child.

2. Place the waist belt around your child's waist.

3. Buckle and adjust. (Make sure you hear a "clicking" sound to ensure proper closure of the buckle)

4. Put doll or toy inside the built-in inner pocket either on the front or on the back of your child.

5. Assist in placing the should straps over their shoulders.

6. Buckle chest/back strap to hold the shoulder straps in place.

7. To remove the toy carrier: Unbuckle the waist and chest/back strap by squeezing the male part of the buckle and withdraw it from the female buckle. Remove toy carrier.