Baby Carrying - Babywearing

Baby carrying or Babywearing is the act of carrying your baby close to you in one of the many styles of baby carriers available, such as a soft structured carrier, like our Explore or Free-to-Grow Carrier, a ring sling, or a woven wrap. Babywearing gracefully combines beauty and functionality for families who are on the go! Although seen as a relatively new practice in the Western world, baby carriers, and babywearing or baby carrying, have existed for thousands of years. Parents, worldwide, have used a variety of cloths, shawls, and other methods to connect with their babies while going about their daily lives. It continues to be a common practice for many families all over the world, as more and more people discover its benefits every day.

A mother carrying her child in a floral baby carrier from Tula.

Benefits of Baby Carrying / Babywearing

  • Babywearing  or Baby Carrying facilitates ‘Kangaroo Care’, or skin to skin contact, which has a myriad of benefits for your baby such as: stabilising body temperature, improved heart and lung function, and supporting breastfeeding.
  • Carrying your baby can initiate the release of oxytocin, in both males and females, which strengthens bonding and emotional well-being.
  • It has been shown that babies who are carried cry less.
  • Babywearing allows for on the go feedings.
  • Proper positioning, while babywearing, can help promote healthy spine development.
  • Positive emotional experiences with your baby, such as eye contact and talking to your little one while babywearing, provide the foundation for brain development and social skills.
  • The upright position and slight movement provided by babywearing can naturally massage pressure points related to digestion and assist with your baby’s digestion. 

We truly believe in the importance of babywearing education for families who are interested in carrying their babies. Caregivers may find that a babywearing educator or group can provide educational resources, shared experiences, and specialised skills that can assist them on their babywearing journey.

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