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Tula Baby Blanket Flash with Birds

The Softest Baby Blankets Ever

100% Viscose from bamboo, making them cozy, yet breathable.

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  • 5 stars

    This thing is amazing, it fits so comfortably, the straps are like fluffy clouds..

    Talitha C.

  • 5 stars

    My little one will go from screaming to asleep in a matter of 5 minutes after being put in this carrier.

    Ashley B.

  • 5 stars

    Just what I needed. Fast shipping, great price, easy to put on.

    Meridith M.

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Tula Baby Carriers

Building a trusting and close connection between you and your child is the foundation for a long-lasting healthy relationship. That´s where Tula’s Baby Carrier invention started: to support every parent through their unique parenting path with their baby, starting from day one.

It is Tula’s mission, to develop the best Baby Carrier there ever was, so that you and your child love spending time with each other. We want to support your child’s development in the best way we can and to always make our baby carrier products as good as possible. All of our Carriers are hip-healthy. The baby carriers are even certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Our baby carriers have several standards as follows:

  • Usable in multiple positions
  • Ergonomic M-position seat for a healthy development of your child’s body
  • High-quality material selected just for the different baby carrier purposes
  • Padding where needed for child’s and caregivers’ comfort
  • Easy to adjust to different body types and sizes of the child and caregiver

Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Not only perfectly adjustable for all carrier users, but also adjustable to your baby’s changing needs is our Explore Baby Carrier. It is the perfect fit for families that are living an active lifestyle not just as parents, but with the whole family and perfect for baby’s that are starting to get interested in the environment. The Explore Carrier supports you for all your little adventures and helps to let everyone have a good time. Next to the back-carry and front-carry inward position, the Explore Baby Carrier can be used in a front-carry forward-facing position.

Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

The long-term alternativeTula’s Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier – is supporting your baby throughout their growing needs, beginning as a newborn. Our hip healthy baby carrier is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia and supports not only your child’s body, but also yours through generously padded shoulder straps. It is a very easy to use baby carrier and is great for newborns.

Tula Toddler Carrier

The Toddler age can be challenging. While in one moment your Toddler is full of energy, two minutes later they want to be carried and cuddled. Our Toddler Carrier is perfect for that time of life and makes everything a lot easier. Our Toddler Carrier was developed to carry your child from 11 kg to 27 kg (~18 months to 4+ years). It has a tall and wide panel to support your child even when it´s not a baby anymore.

Tula Preschool Carrier

You want to strengthen the bond between you and your child not just when they are a baby? When growing out of the Baby and Toddler Carrier, Tula’s Preschool Carrier is a great option. The Preschool Carrier supports your child up to 31,8 kg / 70 Pounds and can be worn in an ergonomic back and front carry position.

Tula Ring Sling

Many parents are looking for a simple and really flexible baby carrier after giving birth. Our Ring Sling is extremely easy to sit in and works perfectly for you if you are looking for a belly-friendly, safe baby carrier for your newborn or infant. The fabric is not only supporting a customized snug-fit, but is also very soft, because the Ring Sling is not a structured carrier. Our Ring Sling works especially great for newborns, because you can use it in a hug position.

Tula Lite Compact Travel Carrier

Travelling with a baby can sometimes be complicated. Not with our Tula Lite Compact Travel Carrier. It folds easily into its own hip pouch and is great to carry around due to its lightweight and quick drying fabric. With Tula’s Travel Carrier, you have one less thing to worry about while travelling, because your carrier is stored and unpacked within just a very short period of time.