Tula Preschool Carrier: The Journey Continues

Tula Preschool Carrier: The Journey Continues

"I'm excited for the option to carry my last baby just a little bit longer..." - Tina Daly Shen

In a crowded farmers market or on an adventurous hike, a carrier can make the world of a difference. And for some families, the desire or need to carry extends beyond our Toddler carrier. This is especially true for many children that have a variety of physical or cognitive abilities. That's why we've launched the first Tula Preschool Carrier, uniquely designed to support our growing children up to 70 pounds / 31.8 kg.

Up until now, our Preschool Carriers have only been released during our Limited Edition Signature Releases and our monthly collections. As the excitement for Preschool Carriers is continuously growing within our community, we are happy to announce that on 24th of September 2020 we will be releasing three all-time favourite canvas prints as Preschool Carriers. Make sure to follow our facebook page for future release news.

The Tula Preschool Carrier has a similar look that you know and love from our carriers, plus additional features that make this the perfect "big kid" carrier. Created with our largest panel yet (51.1 x 50.4 cm) and reinforced with an added layer and strategic stitching, our Preschool Carrier is designed to be secure and comfortable on your continuing wearing journey. The Preschool Carrier has a weight range of 35 - 70 lb / 15.9 - 31.8 kg and is best meant for a child who is wearing size UK 3 - 4 / EU 98 - 104 cm pants and above. 

Tula Preschool Carrier: The Journey Continues

Tula Preschool Carriers are currently available as Signature woven carriers made in the Half Wrap Conversion style. They are lined with durable canvas material to be optimized for support.  

Since we first previewed our Preschool Carrier, we have been hearing lots of excitement from our community as to why they are excited to have a Preschool Carrier option. We share some of what they had to say as well as additional photos of the Preschool Carrier in action. 

A mother is carrying her child in a Preschool Carrier in back-carry position. Next to her is a quote.

A father carrying his Preschooler in a Preschool Carrier from Baby Tula in back-carry position.A father is carrying his Preschool daughter in back-carry position. Next to him is his quote.

A smiling mother daughter duo using a Preschool Carrier in back-carry position.


We look forward to hearing more of your stories in the new Tula Preschool Carrier and continuing to be part of your carrying journey.

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