The best Summer Baby Carrier

A child being carried in a baby carrier in summer.
As the days get longer and the temperatures start to rise, it is time to start thinking of strategies to keep baby and caregiver comfortable all summer. Just as you can wear your baby in cold weather, you can wear your baby when it’s hot too! 

What are the best summer baby carrier? 

It is important to point out that, in any carrier, you are still placing two nearly 100-degree bodies together. Until Tula comes out with a carrier with a portable air conditioner attached, you will feel the warmth. The goal in sizzling temperatures is to find something that feels breathable, light and has the comfort features you need. 

Babywearing at the beach

What the BEST summer baby carrier is, is subjective and your personal preference will play a big role. It is similar to those who prefer an athletic mesh (basketball shorts) or spandex (gym leggings) to work out in vs people who only prefer natural fibers when they perspire. Think about what you prefer to wear when you are warm and consider some of our favorite choices.

Tula Linen Carrier

Our Tula Linen collection is available in both the Free-to-Grow and Explore Carriers and combines Tula comfort with a sophisticated aesthetic. Linen is a staple in warm and humid climates worldwide because of its airy feel and moisture-wicking properties that make it dry quickly. The temperature regulating properties of flax fibers help to keep linen wearers cooler in warm seasons. Our Tula Linen carriers are a blend of cotton and linen so that you feel a softness on your skin and do not see the wrinkles that are sometimes associated with linen. Tula Linen Carriers also feature a beautiful herringbone weave that will showcase beautifully year-round. 

A father carrying his child in a forward-facing front carry position while being in warm weather.

A mother wearing her baby in a Linen Carrier in summer, while standing in the shade.

Tula Lite Compact Travel Carrier

The name says it all! This carrier is our lightest weight carrier but also offers the most storage. How can it be both? The Tula Lite is made from Ripstop material known for its strength and durability. Your Tula Lite will be water-resistant and quick-drying, and ready for adventures with your baby when they are around 12lbs - the perfect summer baby carrier for travelling. The internal storage means that you can carry less with you, which is always great on a warm day. 

A mother using a Tula Lite with her child in summer.

Tula Coast Carrier

Tula Coast Carrier is available in Free-To-Grow, Explore, Standard, and Toddler Carriers, to fit all the stages from 7 lbs - 60 lbs. The Coast collection of breathable mesh baby carriers are designed with a soft mesh panel that keeps caregiver and baby cooler as it allows for more airflow through the carrier! For artisan textile lovers, Coast is also available within our Signature Collection. 

A mother and her child using a Coast Carrier, a great summer carrier, while both are wearing sunglasses.

All-Cotton and Signature Collection 

Before Coast, Lite, and Linen, Tula was already known for being cool and comfortable with our core line of all-cotton and signature carriers. The absence of bulk in our carriers contributes to a comfortable experience in all weather! Cotton is the common thread between our printed and Signature carriers. Cotton is a natural fiber known for being an excellent fit for warm weather and gentle on the skin. Some Tula fans believe a “Full” wrap conversion Signature carrier to be even cooler than our printed cotton carriers due to the breathability of the woven fabric - so maybe your best option for a summer baby carrier? You can find Free-to-Grow, Explore, Half-Buckle, Standard, Toddler, and Preschool options in our cotton carriers. 

Summer babywearing, with a woven Signature Baby Carrier.


Additional Tips to Remember

  • FIND THE SHADE: Even when you’re wearing a carrier that seems to be appropriate for the weather, keep in mind that it is always a good idea to keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time, especially when baby is still too young for sunscreen. 
  • SUN HATS ARE NOT JUST FOR BABIES: A large hat on the caregiver will also provide a bit of shade on baby. Find a good hat for your child as well to block out the sun. Team Tula is a fan of hats with chin straps that baby can not easily remove. 
  • APPLY SUNSCREEN BEFORE CARRYING: If you decide to use sunscreen, we recommend applying some time before going into the sun so that you are less likely to get sunscreen in the fabrics of your carrier
  • VISIBLE AND KISSABLE IS STILL IMPORTANT: This applies in and out of a carrier for a newborn. It is tempting to completely cover baby while in a car seat or stroller with our soft, lightweight Tula Blankets, but even just a light muslin blanket draped can cause the temperature to rise. In a carrier, the sleeping hood can be utilized to block a little sun by just securing one side and leaving baby’s face still visible. Do not fully cover a newborn
  • USE MISTING BOTTLES: Some caregivers even use a misting bottle or gently dab with a damp towel or cloth to help cool their skin and their children’s skin.
  • WATCH FOR OVERHEATING: Watch for signs of overheating in your little one; infants in danger of overheating may show signs including feeling hot to the touch (especially on their chest) or sweating.
  • STAY HYDRATED: Make sure that you and your baby drink enough water, milk, or formula to stay fully hydrated… and if you’re breastfeeding, keep in mind that you need to drink even more water than usual!
  • TAKE A BREAK: If you have any concerns about the heat, please err on the side of caution and take frequent breaks in a cooler location. Take a break from babywearing, too, if you need it. 

Happy (summer) babywearing!

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