Meet the Tula Half Buckle!

Two mothers carrying their children in baby carrier.

For those looking for ultimate versatility, we recently introduced Wrap Conversion Carriers in a Half Buckle style. The Tula Half Buckle is an Asian inspired hybrid carrier that has crossable shoulder tie straps, similar to a Meh Dai carrier, and a buckle waistband. Beginning at 3.2 kg/7 lb, and up to 20 kg/45 lb, you can enjoy multiple ergonomic carry positions with an adaptable panel that adjusts in width and height to fit your baby at any stage without requiring an infant insert. This popular carrier was only available as a Wrap Conversion Carrier until now!

The Tula Half Buckle will be available in four of our most popular prints on printed cotton canvas: Play, Discover, Mint Chip, and Sleepy Dust beginning on October 24th. They will be available on and through our boutique and specialty online retailers. Take a look at our first canvas collection and learn what we love about the Tula Half Buckle!

A mother carrying her child in back-carry position.
  1. Cushioned, crossable shoulder straps

The Tula Half Buckle is the only Tula Carrier that features crossable straps. Tie straps allow for a customized fit that provides neck & shoulder comfort and offers easy adjustments for multiple wearers.

  1. Soft cotton fabric in stylish prints

Lightweight yet sturdy, our Half Buckle is made with all cotton printed fabric in adorable and stylish designs. While being made in limited runs, utilizing this material will allow us to make the Tula Half Buckle more readily available and in more prints!


A mother carrying her sleeping baby in front-carry position while being in the store.
  1. Fully adjustable panel

The Tula Half Buckle Carrier has a panel that adjusts in three width settings and two height settings to allow for an ergonomic position from newborn, infant and early toddlerhood without the need of an infant insert ensuring that your little one is always snug.

  1. Padded waistband

The wide and padded waistband on the Half Buckle Carrier keeps you comfortable for long-time wearing and provides extra lumbar support.


A mother drinking coffee and carrying her child.
  1. Multiple ergonomic carrying positions

The Tula Half Buckle offers front, hip, and back carry options to provide natural, ergonomic positioning and flexibility for holding your little one.

A mother carrying her child in a baby carrier while walking through a café.

Find a retailer near you that will be carrying our Tula Half Buckle collection beginning October 24th and follow us for updates on this fun addition!

Two mothers and their children having a good time in a café.
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