Losing Weight with a Baby Carrier

Mother of two, Faye, from the UK is engaged to Matt and has two daughters, Erin aged 6 and Edith at just three months. She has shared her IVF journey on her blog,  glossytots.co.uk. Following the birth of her youngest daughter, Faye found that by carrying little Edith in her Tula carrier, she could enjoy long walks while babywearing to help her lose her baby weight.

Losing Weight with a Baby Carrier

Faye explained that “Having IVF is not only tough on the mind but it’s also tough on the body, it pumps you with tons of hormones that make you gain weight before you’re even pregnant. I excel at gaining weight when pregnant anyway and ended up going from 9.3 stone to 12.5 stone, at 5 foot 4 (at a push) I manage to pile it on quickly. This time around I gained less weight than I did when I was pregnant with Erin but this time age is not on my side and losing weight is hard.”

“I’m currently at 11 weeks postpartum and my jeans seem like a distant memory. In fact I still wear a pair of maternity jeans. I am working hard to undo this weight gain but eating healthier alone is not working. That’s when I invested in a Tula Free- To-Grow baby carrier with some money my auntie gave us to buy something for Edith. It has been invaluable on our walks to try and shift some baby weight and even better the extra weight of Edie ensures she is making me do the hard graft!”

Many parents enjoy the freedom a baby carrier can bring as an alternative to pushing a stroller. Faye has taken her carrier on the school run and for walks in all terrains that would be unsuitable for a cumbersome pushchair.

Losing Weight with a Baby Carrier

Faye said “I have walked for miles with the Tula and taken Edie out on day trips on the train and walks up mountains! It’s even perfect for the school run! I am loving the Tula and it’s really helping me get out and about without the stress of a pushchair so we can walk off road which is fantastic. I am even able to carry her until she’s 3!! So it will be fab on holiday too!”

As well as the benefits of being able to undertake gentle exercise with her baby postpartum, Faye also loved how easy the Tula carrier was to use and how fashionable it looked!

Losing Weight with a Baby Carrier

She told us “The Tula Free-To-Grow carrier not only looks gorgeous in the many designs it comes in but is also suitable from newborn and promotes healthy hip placement from newborn upwards with a very clever contraption at the bottom of the carrier with is adjustable depending on the age of your baby. I picked the gorgeous floral pattern as it reminded me of a Joules print! (If anyone knows me they know I love a floral!!). One of the great things about the Tula Free to Grow is how easy it is to put on. You can do it yourself easily and take her out as easily without the fear of balancing and dropping your baby in other carriers I have used.”

Before purchasing her carrier, Faye had researched lots of baby carriers and the Tula stuck out for her. She now believes it’s one of the best investments she has had since Edith was born.

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