Introduction to Baby Tula's Hemp Baby Carriers

An Introduction to Our Hemp Baby Carriers

We thought you might be wondering why we’d add baby carriers made from hemp to our product line. We’re thrilled because of the benefits derived from hemp and how perfectly it fits with our brand and mission.

What is Hemp?

Yes it’s that hemp, but then again, not really. 

Hemp is a high-yielding crop in the cannabis family and its fibers are used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, and biofuel. You’ll also find hemp seeds and hemp oil used in home products and for health. 

In the textile industry, the fibers are spun into yarn to create fabric for all sorts of items like clothing and now BABY CARRIERS!

Hemp Vs. Linen

Here at Tula Baby, we already have a line of Linen carriers, so why hemp baby carriers? 

The differences are really going to come down to preference. In general, there are many similarities between cloth made from hemp and cloth made from linen:

Hemp and Linen both: 

  • Become softer and more supple through handling
  • Are strong fibers
  • Are breathable and natural insulators (keep you cool in summer and warm in winter)
  • Have antibacterial properties
  • Are biodegradable 

So, what’s different about Hemp?


Hemp is thought to be about 8 times stronger than linen and has the longest lifespan of all the natural fibers. (Meaning products made from Hemp are long lasting!)

Hemp is also highly resistant to rotting, mildew, mold, and salt water.

Hemp stretches less than any other natural fiber. This means that fabric-based products you get from hemp won’t stretch with wear. They will keep their shape nicely. 


The largest differentiators for hemp vs linen are agricultural! Let’s get into the nitty gritty. (Yes, we’ll be using some science terms. Don’t let it scare ya.)

Hemp doesn’t have a lot of pest problems which is great from a farming angle. It grows well without the use of pesticides and fungicides and yields almost double compared to linen on the same amount of land. This great yield translates into a high biomass, which can be converted into fuel in the form of clean-burning alcohol.

Farmers claim that hemp is a great rotation crop because it’s good for aerating and building topsoil. It can also be grown for many consecutive seasons without impacting the soil negatively. 

So, what does all this mean? 

Well, after talking to an expert in the field of sustainability and organic products, if your focus is on supporting sustainability goods, Hemp is a great option even though it’s not perfect. Hemp isn’t a perfectly sustainable product, but it’s a start. Like most things, this isn’t a black and white argument, but we saw an opportunity to create a beautiful and supportive carrier for our families using materials that brings us one step closer to an Earth-friendly carrier. 

Tula Hemp Carriers

As we mentioned earlier, this will all come down to preference. Baby Carriers are like a good pair of jeans. It all comes down to your personal style, fit, and preferences! 

Tula Hemp brings you all the earthy colour with earthy textiles.

  • Saturated
  • Earthy
  • Neutral and beautiful

Luxurious softness and next level support, Tula Hemp carriers are soft, supportive and strong - made for all of life’s moments. 

  • The more you wash and wear, the softer it gets
  • Mixed with organic cotton, the cozy level is unmatched

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