Do I need a newborn insert?

We are often asked about our newborn insert and how to know whether or not you need one, so here’s a round-up of some of those questions in case you’ve ever wondered them too.

Will I need an newborn insert?

For the first months of your baby’s life, they are in a delicate stage as they grow and build strength. Whether it’s for feeding, soothing, or just staring lovingly at them for hours on end, newborns benefit greatly from being cuddled close. But it’s not just wonderful for them, parents and caretakers can enjoy the many benefits of babywearing while keeping them comfortable and supported.

To help ensure they are kept safe and comfortable during these early stages of babywearing we have designed a newborn insert for use in our Tula Standard Baby Carrier.

Due to their design, you do not need an newborn insert to carry your newborn in our: 

1. Free-to-Grow, 

2. Explore or 

3. Half Buckle Baby Carriers.

4. It is also not designed for use in our Toddler sized Tula.

This newborn insert is specially designed to support babies who have not yet developed strong head and neck control and/or the ability to sit comfortably, with their hips in an optimal ‘M’-shape position, in the carrier alone. By providing a higher carrying position for small infants, it allows for a clear airway and easy monitoring of your precious bundle, and delivers the necessary head, neck, and trunk support to allow their spines to mature healthily. Keeping them close in this soothing, nest-like carry, creates a cosy transition from womb to world.

We recommend using the newborn insert in your Tula Standard Baby Carrier from newborn (3.2kg) until your baby has grown big and strong enough to sit independently with their knees dangling down freely in an ergonomic spread squat position and they weigh a minimum of 7 kg. This often happens around five to six months old, but all babies develop differently and you know your little one best so keep an eye out for the signs.

How do I use the newborn insert?

We’ve created a handy video to help show you how to use your newborn insert.

Is my baby too big for the newborn insert?

The newborn insert should be used until your baby demonstrates strong head and neck control and can be seated comfortably in an ergonomic, M-shaped position within the carrier.

Don’t worry if they don’t reach these two stages simultaneously, the insert comprises two parts – the newborn insert and the pillow – and you can use the pillow separately in certain situations.

If your baby is over 4 months old and/or 7 kg and has strong head and neck control, but isn’t quite tall enough yet to bend at the knees when seated in the carrier alone, you can use the seat cushion alone to lift them higher in the carrier and keep their hips in the ergonomic ‘M’-shape.

Which carry positions can the newborn insert be used in?

The newborn insert and pillow are only intended to be used in the front inward carry position; if baby still requires either part of the newborn insert to sit comfortably and snugly in our Standard Carrier, then they’re not quite ready to try the back carry position yet either.

When can I stop using the newborn insert?

You are the best judge of when your baby is ready to be carried without the newborn insert, just remember this short check list:

  • Baby has strong head and neck control
  • Baby is able to sit with bended knees in the carrier on their own

If you tick both boxes then you no longer need to use the newborn insert! If you’re not quite sure whether your little one is sitting correctly, or you just want to double check they are in the optimal carry position, you can make a few, simple checks by following this link

We also thoroughly recommend that you seek out your local sling library if you have any concerns or need practical help with your baby carrier or sling. 

Have more questions? Contact our experienced customer service team and we’ll be happy to help!

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