5 reasons to practise yoga during pregnancy



Mum doing Yoga on a beach with a baby in the carrier


An endless "to-do" list and a head filled with doubts....

It's not worth waiting a moment longer to take care of yourself! As a long-time yoga teacher and now also a Mum of two wonderful twins, I firmly believe that the right kind of movement can really do a lot of good... and that's exactly what I'm working on in my new 'Yoga Mama' course. Before I tell you about it, check out for yourself why it's worth working on an active routine!

Inner strength

Even if you have been coping brilliantly with stress and tension so far, you may now need tailored activities! The practice of yoga is not only a support for a frazzled mind, but also an opportunity to strengthen key parts of the body. By consciously activating your deep muscles, strengthening your hips and working with your pelvic floor muscles, you will be able to have a smoother passage through the period of waiting for your little one, as well as the birth itself and the time afterwards.

Comfort in your body

As the weeks go by, it is likely that you will start to experience a variety of discomforts related to the change in your body's centre of gravity. Tired legs, back pain and tension in the body? This is completely normal! By incorporating mindful activities and breathing sessions into your routine, you will create space for your body to adapt to the new reality.

Calming and regenerating

When you have a lot going on in your life, it is helpful to give yourself a break. Gentle sessions focusing on breathing and meditation allow you to soothe your nerves, push your worries away and get on with consciously working with your own emotional state.

Far better sleep

If your nights have been quite difficult lately, mindful movement can be a brilliant way to combat insomnia. I encourage you to create your own diary where you note down your observations, looking for the sessions that work best for you.

Easing nausea

This point is very important! Yoga has a great effect on the metabolism, which Yoga Mamas who are nauseous for a very long time will appreciate. The key to success is a practice filled with observation of your own body to discover those sequences that resonate with you.


Magdalena Yoga practicing Yoga during her twin pregnancy

Practising yoga during pregnancy can bring a lot of comfort, allowing you to discover the pleasure of movement and build a stronger connection with yourself. However, to get the most benefit, approach it in the most mindful way possible - working with your practitioner, choosing safe practices and accepting individual limitations.

I invite you to the 'Yoga Mama' course I have created, which includes probably everything you might need during and after pregnancy. It's a set of various practices, meditation and breathing sessions, as well as two e-books to accompany you in implementing a healthy and peaceful routine.

See you on the mat... I promise this time will give you huge benefit!


Mum practicing yoga on the beach with a baby in Tula Explore carrier

Article written by Magdalena Janik - yoga and meditation teacher. Conscious movement, breath, meditation, and mindfulness are the most important aspects of her practice.

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