5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day with Your Partner and Baby

If you’re a recent parent, you might not be thinking about Valentine’s Day but spending quality time with your partner is truly important! Time spent connecting with them often helps make the struggles of parenting less stressful for each of you. So, make plans to celebrate your Valentine; and if you’re not ready or don’t have someone who can care for your child, we put together some ideas of how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day (or just about any other day) with your partner and baby!

5 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Partner

The key to celebrating Valentine’s Day with baby in tow is, of course, babywearing! Your baby can stay in comfortable, snug surroundings while you and your partner make time for each other. Baby’s needs for rest and connection are met while in your Tula Baby Carrier, which allows you a bit of freedom to make time for your special one, as well. Here, are 5 things to keep in mind when celebrating Valentine’s Day while you are babywearing:

Keep it Simple

Finding quality time with your partner doesn’t have to mean big extravagant plans. Simple tasks like taking a walk or tackling a home DIY project together can become an opportunity for you to catch up with your partner. Keeping the event simple makes it far easier to “plan” and it still can be meaningful. Just be sure to make a rule to keep the conversation about each other and use the time to catch up and/or connect.

5 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Partner

Plan for Something Early

Making a dinner reservation early in the evening, or doing Valentine’s breakfast or lunch together, can make for a less stressful “night out”. With baby relaxing in the carrier, and a far less busy restaurant, you can enjoy a nice meal or treat and be home before bedtime!

Have a Night IN

A “date” with your partner can happen at home! Cooking dinner together, having your favourite meal delivered, or perhaps a movie after baby is asleep can make an evening at home a little more romantic and allow you to focus on your partner in more comfortable surroundings for everyone.

Your Valentine’s day doesn’t have to include fancy dinner reservations. Try to do something that you and your partner both love to do that doesn’t require too much preparation or planning. A hike to a beautiful view or grabbing a hot chocolate are just a couple examples of casual ways to celebrate your partner that allow you to be flexible with the timing or adjust to work around baby’s needs.

5 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Partner

It’s the Little Things

Doing a few little things can be a really romantic way to celebrate with your partner without having to stress over one big event (or day) to celebrate. Writing sweet notes to hide or give to them throughout the week, playing your wedding song, or scrolling through some old photos you have and recalling fun memories are just little things you can do to show affection and love for your partner without having to find time alone.

 It’s wonderful to have some time alone with your partner, but that doesn’t have to be the only way you can enjoy your Valentine this year. And these activities can most definitely become a regular way that you and your partner make time to celebrate your love. Share your own Valentine’s day plans or tell us if you have more ideas on how you can balance relationship and parenting time.

This sweet video was made a few years ago and showcases a night out with a little third wheel.

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