10 reasons to love the Tula Preschool Carrier

This is a guest blog post by Emily Taylor, one of the owners of CalmFamily and It's a Sling Thing.

Carrying older children isn’t always for everyone. Preschool carrying is especially not something which occurs to people when they are first carrying a newborn! But there are so many reasons that carrying a preschooler can be useful – and the new preschool size Tula can be a perfect tool!
Preschoolers – usually children between 3 and 5 – are often considered to not really need carrying any more. They can generally walk confidently and have become far more independent. There is an amount of social stigma about using a tool to help carry an older child as well whether it is sling or pushchair but it doesn’t stop it being useful!

So here are 10 reasons that you might want to try carrying your preschooler!

  1. Comfort: For many people it’s more comfortable to use a sling or carrier which distributes weight across your body rather than carrying a heavier child in a piggyback, on your hip, or on your shoulders. It also means your hands are free for holding other children or bags!

  2. Speed: Walking with a small child isn’t always quick! If you must be somewhere quickly carrying in a sling can be a practical option, you can let them walk a bit and then carry them without having to deal with an empty pushchair and walking child situation! Children get tired walking well past toddlerhood, even the hardiest 5-year-old might tire out on a long walk. It’s also far quicker and easier to carry a tired child than try to force them to walk!

  3. Off roading: It’s practical to use a carrier when you want to get somewhere a pushchair can’t go. If you enjoy mountain walks or sandy beaches, a pushchair can be a hindrance. Taking a carrier means you can explore a wider range of places without worrying about stairs, small spaces, rough terrain or more.

  4. Safety in numbers: If you have more than one child, you know how hard it is when you’re trying to get them all to go in the same direction. If they are open to it, having one in a carrier means that you’ve got one less to worry about – they are contained and safe and you have hands free for others.

  5. Equalising access: If you have a disabled child, carrying can be a great tool for getting around. It can give you freedom to explore a world that a buggy, wheelchair or walking aids can’t easily manage and give your child a different view of the world.

  6. Neurodivergent needs: For neurodivergent children carrying can be tool providing lots of useful things. It is a safe space up away from crowds or unfamiliar people. You can communicate at their level. It can provide deep pressure to help with sensory input and calming. Carrying can be amazing for coping with meltdowns. (Many of these are helpful for all children at some time or other!)

  7. Reconnection: By 4 most children are in childcare or even at school. Carrying them can be a valuable way to reconnect after a separation. They are close, they can chat to you on the same level, you can go and explore and have an adventure together or you can have that connection and still get dinner ready!

  8. Fun: Carrying can be fun! You can make it a game, it can help you try new things, it can enable you to play Pokémon Go or geocache or hunt for rocks together 😉. Whilst it is a practical tool it can also be something you do because you want to have some fun together at a time when your child is too tired or unwilling to walk.

  9. Compact: It’s more compact than taking a buggy. If you are travelling you might not want to take a maybe empty buggy everywhere, especially if you are getting on and off public transport. Some slings are small enough to fold up and have in a bag for emergency back up when needed!

  10. Because you want to! You don’t need a reason to carry your child. If it works for you and your family, then go for it. Find what works for you!

So that’s 10 reasons we can think of for trying the new Preschool Tula with your child – do you have any more to add?

A mother, visible from the back, carrying her child while her other child is running in front of her.

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Emily is one of the owners of CalmFamily and It’s A Sling Thing and is passionate about supporting parents with tools which work for them. You can find her in Coventry with her two boys or online at calmfamily.org and itsaslingthing.co.uk

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