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Explore Carrier: The Little Lifts Review

Lucy from the blog Little Lifts is a mum of two from Manchester who loves carrying her children. Her ‘Buckles of the Month’ series included a review of the Tula Explore carrier and we're pleased to share her feedback and photos.

“I used the Explore with both Cass and Delilah and it was perfect for both.

Cass felt weightless on my back and the carrier supported him extremely well. Even with his arms in, there was still plenty of space. The Explore is EXTREMELY versatile with fully adjustable shoulder straps, panel width, panel height and waist band for comfort and optimal positioning as your baby grows or for a change of carrying position. The carrier boasts three ergonomic carrying positions and all three are extremely comfortable for both me and the kids.

We had the Everblue design and as you can see from my photos, the colours are vibrant and smart. The carrier felt extremely neat, with outstanding quality and design. The Explore is fantastically easy to use and navigate, I really like the lack of clips on the shoulder straps. As the rucksack option applies to both front and back carries, Tula has removed them as they felt them unnecessary. It just made everything so much more simple and fast. Having to rush around with two small children, I really appreciated this feature and with Cass I was often put off buying buckled carriers as I found all of the clips so confusing.”

“Designed with comfort in mind, the Tula has padded supportive shoulder straps and waist belt, this meant that I was able to carry Delilah for a long time. It was perfect for nap times and meant that I could carry on around the house or with work knowing that Delilah was comfortable and safe. The Explore comes with a detachable hood and my favourite part, a small pocket on the front for secret snacks (for me!)

Tula have created an absolutely outstanding carrier which is genuinely suitable for little and big kids. This is a family carrier that will grow with you, it has been an absolute pleasure to try it out this month and will definitely be one of my go-to carriers for both kids.”

Words and Photos from @littleliftsbaby

Follow Lucy on her Facebook page where she features tutorial videos, wrap and carrier reviews plus personal blog posts about her experiences as a mother and life in general.

Learn more about the Tula Explore Carrier here.

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