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5 Reasons why you'll love our Mini Toy Carrier!

1. Free hands while bringing your toy in tow

A carrier is not only for parents a carrier comes in handy for little one too, and what is even better the Mini Toy Carrier has the same benefits! Do you have a child, who wants to bring their dolls everywhere? But do they usually end up being tired of carrying their dolls halfway through? Our Mini Toy Carrier can help with that. Instead of you being the one to carry the doll back home, your little one can simply buckle up their doll or toy and keep going. And when your kids happen to see a tree that looks fun to climb up or something that´s equally as exciting, they will not just drop their doll into the puddle that´s next to the tree, but they can take it with them. This also means less laundry for you to do. And we would argue: the less laundry, the better.

2. To be just like their role model

Kids like to pretend to be “all grown-up” and do the things their mummies and daddies do, like to wear their “babies” in a carrier. A Mini Toy Carrier is the perfect gift for little mummies and daddies. Even more so if they see you carrying their younger sibling around or are being/used to be carried themselves.

3. To feel involved

Many older siblings struggle, when there suddenly is a new baby in the house. They are no longer the “Little One” and often feel like their baby-brother/sister is getting all the attention. It´s important to ensure them, that they are by no means left out. A good way to do that is to make them feel part of the new life situation, that comes along with having another baby. Getting a Mini Toy Carrier for an older sibling can help them with getting used to no longer being the one, that needs to be carried and taken care of. But instead they can feel like the big kid, who takes care of their dolls/toys the same way their parents take care of the baby.

4. It´s a great Christmas gift

Even though it´s only November, Christmas is approaching. And you are probably going to be dealing with grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and so on, who want to get the best gift for your little one for Christmas. Christmas is a good reason to gift your kids with a Mini Toy Carrier. They will love to be able to carry their dolls/toys on a long walk through winter wonderland. (Fingers crossed we might get some snow this Christmas).   

5. It´s simply adorable

Just think of the fun family pictures of you and your big kid going on a walk and wearing your “babies” together.         

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