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Everything You Need To Know About Tula Wrap Conversions

What are Wrap Conversions?

We often hear members new to the babywearing community asking “What are Tula Wrap Conversions and why are they so special?" And the truth is, it’s quite complicated, so we thought we’d share some insights to FAQs:

How did they start?

As most of you know, Baby Tula was born from the search for an ergonomic, comfortable AND stylish babywearing option. Our founders’ love for the artistry in babywearing inspired the concept of crafting our baby carriers utilising beautiful and unique woven wraps from across the world in 2012.

How are they different from other Baby Tula Carriers?

Tula Baby Carriers and Wrap Conversion Carriers are structurally the same and offered in the same styles: Explore, Free-To-Grow, Half Buckle, Standard, and Toddler Carriers. However, rather than using printed cotton fabric, our Signature wrap conversion carriers are made using material that has been woven together to create richly detailed or intricate designs. While offering the ease of a soft structured buckle carrier, these carriers celebrate the textile artwork and unique feel of woven wrap material. 

How are Baby Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers made?

Multiple visionaries come together to create every single Signature Tula woven carrier, beginning with the variety of woven wrap fabric that is sourced from around the world. Each woven wrap is creatively and thoughtfully designed with the intention of producing a functional art piece. Sometimes hand loomed, in very small amounts, by one person. And other times, produced by manufacturers who have a long tradition in textiles and combine gorgeous patterns and designs into the weave of each wrap. Even the threads used to weave each woven wrap are examined and selected based on their fiber content, their weight, their colour, and the way they move. Each of these factors contributes to how the finished woven wrap will feel, and influences the pattern or design that will be woven into them. Companies and weavers are researched and approached in hopes that they would be equally excited to see their textile pieces transformed into Tula Baby Carriers. In some very special cases, like with Cameo and Angel of Meeyoo Handwoven, we work in unison to develop a specific woven wrap design to be produced for Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers.

Once the woven wrap material is created and in our hands, our Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers are crafted at our original production facility in Bialystok, Poland, where our company was founded. Each woven carrier is handmade, start to finish, by one single seamstress. Many of these seamstresses have been working with Baby Tula since our beginnings and often knew Ula, our founder since she was a young girl. With profound care and attention to the woven wrap design placement, each Tula Wrap Conversion effortlessly expresses the combination of artistry and luxuriously soft support. Long fluid pieces of woven wrap material are transformed into a soft structured baby carrier when combined with our distinct streamlined design, soft padding and webbing.

What are the differences between “Full” and “Half” Wrap Conversions? And what is a Coast?

Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers come in different ‘styles’: ‘Full’ and ‘Half’ Wrap Conversion Carriers. Each style uses a different amount of woven wrap to create the carrier. The full wrap conversion is made entirely out of woven wrap material meaning shoulder straps, body panel and waistband are all made with a woven wrap, front and back. A full Wrap Conversion Carrier is amazingly soft and moldable, and is a customer favourite! The half wrap conversion is made with the woven wrap on the outside of the shoulder straps, body panel and waistband, and has canvas material on the inner shell of the carrier. Some find that the canvas reinforces the woven wrap to make it feel more supportive.

Both Full and Half Wrap Conversions can also come in a "Coast" variation. Coast is the name of our breathable mesh line of carrier. Wrap Conversion Coast carriers are an amazing marriage of style and function!


What is a “Fancy” Wrap Conversion?

In very limited quantities, we are able to get highly sought after, rare, handwoven and often hand dyed wrap material. Tula Signature Carriers made using this woven wrap material are commonly known as “Fancies”. These ultra-special woven wraps, used to make ‘Fancies’, are often created by hand on a loom, by one person. The process of weaving a woven wrap by hand is both gorgeous and very work intensive. It takes many hours to complete and typically involves a long planning and execution process. Often these woven wraps are hand-dyed, or even hand-painted, creating stunning works of art. Some machine woven woven wraps are considered “fancy” because of the high quality or extremely specialised material used to produce them. As a reflection of the longer, specialised production or the rarity of the materials, these woven wraps typically retail for much more than the other machine woven wraps we use to produce our Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers.

 How much do Wrap Conversion Carriers cost?

Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers begin at £190 and can go up to £685 if they are a highly-exclusive ‘Fancy” Tula Wrap Conversion Carrier.  The prices vary due to additional cost in sourcing woven wrap material to create this specialty line and the amount of woven wrap used to create each carrier. The woven wraps we use to create our wrap conversion carriers can range in price based on the material, length, and rarity.

While this specialty style of Tula Baby Carriers has been both popular and limited, we have been working to provide more opportunities to own a Tula Wrap Conversion. We know how much special meaning, affection, and joy that our Tula Wrap Conversion Carriers can bring someone, because we share in the delight! We feel so honored that we can continue to produce these special carriers and help to make your babywearing years that much more special.

Are Wrap Conversions always sold out? How can I buy one?

The Tula Signature Collection has a rotating collection of available woven carriers on our site, Limited edition releases are hosted a few times a year. We also love to surprise our customers with “surprise stockings”, which are announced on our Facebook page. And while some of our most highly sought after woven carriers do sell out very quickly, we have these regular releases and the rotating collection to help make them more attainable. 

You can see many past woven carriers in action in the community fan group Tula Love. Be sure to set notifications to see when we announce our Tula Wrap Conversion releases, on Facebook!

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