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1. Incredible Artistry

The woven material used to create our high-end Tula Signature Carriers are sourced through a collective of textile artists that hand weave the unique and beautiful material. Each artisan creatively maps out the intricate patterns and colour combinations to transform thread into wearable art. Some even hand-dye the threads in order to accomplish the final colour and weave combination. They take inspiration from all sorts of ideas, places, and meanings and interpret them into one-of-a-kind designs. These textile artists are independent small businesses and many are women.

2. Woven by Hand

The material used for our special "fancy" Tula Carriers is often woven by hand on a large loom. This intricate process takes meticulous work of preparing the loom and weaving the threads together. Often, the hand weavers work by themselves, or in small groups, to create their textile art. The process to hand weave the material can take weeks to plan, prepare, and make.

3. Rare and Precious

Because of the long, detailed process to create the handwoven material, it is often created in very limited quantities and is not reproduced. We often receive a small amount of one design, so the number of Signature Carriers we can make with a specific design and colour of a handwoven is just a handful or, at times, less. The handmade quality of the material gives each carrier its own unique, one-of-a-kind look.

4. Converted by Hand in Poland

Tula Signature Carriers are made in our original facility in Poland, where Baby Tula began. Seamstresses who are long skilled with creating our signature carriers create each Signature Tula Carrier by hand.

5. Ultra-Soft and Moldable

The characteristics of a handwoven material is extremely soft and malleable. Our high-end Tula Signature Carriers, thus, have a similar look and feel. They mold nicely around your child and give marshmallow-soft support. They soften up quickly and feel closest to how it would feel to carry your child in a woven wrap, yet with the quick and comfortable wear of a Tula Carrier.

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