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Whether you are a first time mama learning how to nurse your newborn, an adoptive parent building a breastfeeding relationship, or a caregiver offering your little one a pumped or prepared bottle… no matter your circumstances, you know how special that relationship with your little one is! One of the most beneficial things about babywearing is that it offers you the opportunity to provide care and comfort for your little one while on the go. Isn’t it amazing that you can provide sustenance as well? And there is value to feeding your little one on the go as well! We’re sharing 11 of our tips on how to successfully breastfeed in your carrier!

1. Be confident – know that you are giving your child the greatest gifts: love, nourishment, and the best start to a healthy life.

2. Be patient – give yourself room and time to learn, and if you get frustrated, take a break, reconnect with your baby, and do something else that makes you happy.

3. Dress accordingly – wearing a nursing top can really help with easy access for you and baby. Check out Latched Mama for cute and simple nursing attire.

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4. Loosen up – slightly loosen your arm straps and slightly slide your waistband down for more comfortable feeding.

5. Use your hands – oftentimes breastfeeding in a baby carrier is not truly hands free, as your hands may be needed to support your baby, breast, or a bottle, but just helps to make it a bit easier and mobile.

6. Use a blanket if you prefer extra privacy – but make sure you maintain visibility of baby to ensure their airway is open.

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7. Reposition after feeding – whether they fall asleep or not, always reposition your baby to a snug, ergonomic position if you have lowered or reclined them to feed.

8. Check baby’s chin – as you latch your little one, make sure that he or she is keeping his or her chin off of her chest (you should be able to fit between 1-2 adult fingers underneath his or her chin) and that baby’s nose is free to ensure a clear airway.

A photo posted by Alexandria (@ally_bacon) on

9. Ensure baby has proper support – if you are breastfeeding in a Baby Tula Ring Sling, we recommend gently lifting and supporting your baby’s weight with one arm while lifting the top ring to loosen slightly with the other hand.

10. Maintain proper positioning –  it is important to maintain the tummy-to-tummy position and keep knees higher than bottom in a deep M-position throughout the time that you are nursing.

11. Listen to your baby – listen to your child while he or she is nursing: snoring, grunting, or other noises can be an indicator of distressed breathing, and you should unlatch and reposition if these things occur, or if you visually notice an obstructed airway for any reason, or that baby’s chin has fallen to his or her chest.

Our friend Rachel Parker shares how she breastfeeds in her Tula Baby Carrier:

Share your tips for breastfeeding in a carrier in the comments below or using the hashtag #tulateaches!

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